Welcome to the 7th Congressional District Missouri Republican Assembly. If you live in the 7th District, use the map or the links below to find your local chapter.

Congratulations to Taney County MRA -- the newest functioning MRA Chapter in the 7th District.

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If your county does not yet have a chartered chapter of the 7th Congressional District MRA, contact us to find out how to get a chapter started. In the meantime, you are welcome and encouraged to join an MRA chapter close to you. Your membership will be transferred to your county chapter as soon as one is chartered.

Upcoming Events


Upcoming area events of interest to MRA members:

Pledge the Platorm  February 21, 2023  9am - noon

Mark your calendar now and stay tuned for updates on featured speakers, cosponsors, and events.

Many MRA-aligned groups will be presenting information on their individual agendas.

And, don't forget to visit your own Representative and Senator while you are there.

More details coming soon at www.MissouriRepublicanAssembly.com/pledge-the-platform/ (click here to visit)


We'd love to have you join the Greene County chapter of the Missouri Republican Assembly at our regular monthly meetings. We meet on the second Tuesday of every month. Socializing begins at 5:30, then the formal meeting begins at 6:00. Our meetings are temporarily being held at Godfather's Pizza, 1890 N. Deffer Dr., Nixa, MO. See you there with at least one friend!


The Christian County chapter of the MRA invites you to join us at our regular monthly meetings at 6:30pm on the second Tuesday of every month (doors open at 6pm.) We meet at Lake Hills Church, 5350 N. 23rd St., Ozark, MO  65721 (just south of Hwy CC, just west of Hwy 65.) . Please invite some fellow Constitutional Conservatives. See you there!


The MRA proudly endorses the following candidates for office in Missouri's 2022 election:

Eric Burlison, 7th US Congress
Jamie Ray Gragg, 140th District MO House of Representatives
Bob Titus, 139th District MO State House of Representatives
Suzie Pollock, 16th District MO State Senator
Brian Seitz, 156th District MO House of Representatives
Curtis Trent for MO Senate, 20th District
Angela Romine for MO Senate, 30th District
Brad Hudson for Missouri House, 138th District
Bishop Davidson for MO House, 130th District
Melanie Stinnett for MO House, 133rd District
Alex Riley for MO House, 134th District
Darin Chappell for MO House, 137th District
Stephanie Spencer for Taney County Clerk

No candidate in Statewide races (US Senator, Auditor, etc.) was able to secure an endorsement at the State endorsing convention.

Please visit the MRA's Endorsement page to see which candidates have earned the endorsement of the MRA in other districts.


Dates to Remember

Second Tuesday monthly - Greene County MRA
Second Tuesday monthly - Christian County MRA


This chapter supports these principles and endorses only candidates who believe in:


1. The sanctity of life from conception to natural death.

"God-given rights for all citizens, including the fundamental right to life for born and unborn children, the aged, the terminally ill, and the handicapped, should be provided for in our laws and in our Constitution." -- from the MOGOP platform

2. A free market economy and an end to crony capitalism in all forms.

"The people of Missouri should be taxed only to the extent necessary to provide a balanced budget, funding the essential functions of government in a manner that is simple, equitable and uniform. Missouri families can be trusted to know how to spend their money more wisely than government. Free enterprise and fiscal responsibility go hand in hand." -- from the MOGOP platform

3. Limited federal power and "all other powers reserved to the State and the people, respectively."

"...the federal government should be 'to ensure domestic tranquility, to provide for the common defense and to promote the general welfare.' And we believe that the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution grants all other duties to the states." -- from the MOGOP platform

4. The protection of every individual's right to religious liberty, uninhibited by the State or by other individuals or institutions.

"The Missouri Republican Party believes in protecting the religious freedom of citizens." -- from the MOGOP platform


The Missouri GOP Platform is what Republicans say they are "all in" on!

Every four years, Republican delegates from across the State meet to adopt the platform that is supposed to guide our party through the next four years.

If your Republican Representative or Senator to the State House in Jefferson City does not adhere to this platform, do they deserve your vote? As importantly, if they do, don't they deserve to hear from you often? Don't they deserve your support and encouragement?

The Missouri Republican Assembly endorses Republicans in primary elections who support and adhere to the beliefs of the Republican Party as stated in the Republican Platform.

MRA encourages you to take a minute, an hour, a day to study what you believe before you support or vote for a candidate in a Republican Primary. Ensure that your candidate believes in the same platform you do.

Elected to Serve

Here are the people you have elected to serve you in the 7th Congressional District of Missouri. Click on the name of your representative or senator to find their legislative contact information.

Ann Kelley

State Rep. 127


Mike Stephens

State Rep. 128


Bishop Davidson

State Rep. 130

Bill Owen

State Rep. 131

Crystal Quade

State Rep. 132

Curtis Trent

State Rep. 133

Alex Riley

State Rep. 134

Betsy Fogle

State Rep. 135

Craig Fishel

State Rep. 136

Brad Hudson

State Rep. 138

John Black

State Rep. 137

Jered Taylor

State Rep. 139

Tricia Derges

State Rep. 140


Brian Seitz

State Rep. 156

Mitch Boggs

State Rep. 157

Scott Cupps

State Rep. 158

Dirk Deaton

State Rep. 159

Ben Baker

State Rep. 160

Lane Roberts

State Rep. 161

Bob Bromley

State Rep. 162


Cody Smith

State Rep. 163


Eric Burlison

Senate 20

Sandy Crawford

Senate 28


Mike Moon

Senate 29


Lincoln Hough

Senate 30


Bill White

Senate 32

7th District MRA Legislative Priorities

These are some of the legislative priorities of the 7th District MRA for the 2021 legislative session. Click the bill name to find its legislative page.
If you'd like to have some input into the MRA legislative priorities, join or start a chapter in your area.

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