Welcome to the 7th Congressional District Missouri Republican Assembly. If you live in the 7th District, use the links under Chapters above to find your local chapter.

Congratulations to the Stone County Chapter of the MRA -- the newest MRA Chapter in the 7th District was formed in December 2023.

Congratulations to the Jasper County Chapter of the MRA -- it was formed in June 2023.

If your county does not yet have a chartered chapter of the 7th Congressional District MRA, contact us to find out how to get a chapter started. In the meantime, you are welcome and encouraged to join an MRA chapter close to you. Your membership will be transferred to your county chapter as soon as one is chartered.

MRA Beliefs and Principles

  1. All human rights are granted by God, with original intent of the Constitution being to govern a religious people with Established Morality based on natural law and nature’s God;

  2. Dedication to the constitutional principles, including a core belief of the right to life and opposition to abortion, human cloning, euthanasia, doctor-assisted suicide, and public funding thereof;

  3. Traditional families are the pillars of our society, with the belief in liberty and equality and opposition to radical humanism with its lack of social and moral restraints and deconstruction of our existing social institutions and values;

  4. Back-to-basics education with emphasis on reading, writing, and arithmetic and opposition to revisionist history, socialist teachings, and preparation for acceptance of a global society;

  5. The right to self defense including the right to keep and bear arms;

  6. Private property rights and free market principles;

  7. Less government and more personal responsibility, personal accountability, heroism, and self-reliance;

  8. State’s rights as well as our national sovereignty, bolstered by a strong national defense, control of our borders, and legitimate missions for our military; and,

  9. The view that the United Nations published objective of world government is enslavement.

Upcoming Events


Upcoming area events of interest to MRA members:

MRA Banquet, April 27, 2024 at University Plaza Hotel.

Congressman Eric Burlison will be one of the speakers.




Dates to Remember


The Missouri GOP Platform is what Republicans say they are "all in" on!

Every four years, Republican delegates from across the State meet to adopt the platform that is supposed to guide our party through the next four years.

If your Republican Representative or Senator to the State House in Jefferson City does not adhere to this platform, do they deserve your vote? As importantly, if they do, don't they deserve to hear from you often? Don't they deserve your support and encouragement?

The Missouri Republican Assembly endorses Republicans in primary elections who support and adhere to the beliefs of the Republican Party as stated in the Republican Platform.

MRA encourages you to take a minute, an hour, a day to study what you believe before you support or vote for a candidate in a Republican Primary. Ensure that your candidate believes in the same platform you do.

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